Music on a Monday: Come West Along the Road meets Songs of Praise!

I had such a great day yesterday.

We visited a church in Listowel, Co. Kerry. There is usually about 70 there but there were a fair few missing. (They must have heard there was a Jackeen coming!)

The music and the practical arrangements of it was great tho. I knew most of the songs so was able to sing along with my usual gusto 🙂 It was a different set up to what I am used to but it worked.

The first thing that happened was that the list totally changed about 5 minutes before the service was due to start. Not sure why but I think there were probs with getting the words up on the screen. But this didn’t seem to disconcert anyone and the list was rewritten and words were sorted out.

Then I noticed that there was not going to be a practice. People just turned up with instruments and by the time we were ready to go there was a guitar, mandolin, fiddle, two flutes, an accordian and some bongo drums (or congas – never sure which is which, the small ones anyway).

Then I noticed that no one had any mucic in front of them. Everyone just played.

And there was such a trad feel to everything. I really noticed it in I Stand Amazed in the Presence (How Marvellous), there was a slight change of rhythm which gave it an Irish feel.

In one of the songs there was mandolin solo. It was brillo.

I love the musical differences in churches across counties and countries. But I have to say that as I was singing God’s praises yesterday morning I KNEW I had ‘Come, West along the Road’ and I was delighted to be there.

I’ve returned to the East now and this Sunday will be in my own church, singing our songs our way 🙂

Viva la difference eh?

I wonder if anyone in Grosvenor plays the mandolin……

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