Music on a Monday (well… on a Tuesday Actually!) — The Cure for Christians?!

Happy New Year all.

As you see I took a long break from waffling.
All I can say is that my husband has benefitted greatly 😀


Ireland’s first national Christian Radio station, Spirit FM has gone live on air. At the moment they are doing their test transmissions. They are on 89.9FM (the old Christmas FM freq)

So I’m driving to work listening to the station and next of all Just Like Heaven by The Cure comes on and I am SO excited. (You may know that The Cure is my fave band in the whole world and I have loved them for more than 20 years.) So I’m very excited as I’m listening to a Christian Radio station IN MY CAR and my fave band comes on!

But then I thought, hang on….! The Cure?!?!?!?! on a Christian Radio Station?!?!?!?!


The test transmission is playing a mix of music at the moment and their website says that they, “will play the best mix of contemporary positive and uplifting music.”

Now The Cure have been accused of a lot of things but being positive and uplifting??? Robert Smith will eat his hat lololol 🙂

All joking aside I wish the station God’s richest blessing and favour and hope that they do give, as they hope to, “something positive to listen to and bring a passion for life to the airwaves.”

We could all do with that couldn’t we!

I’d love to hear your opinion on a Christian station that doesn’t stick to only Christian music, or your opinion on the station generally. It’s deffo worth a listen 🙂

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