Bleak Midwinter? a guest post

Here's another in the December guest post series. This one if from Judith Parry. Judith and I were just getting to know each other when she moved out of South Wales. I've tried not to take it personally. 😀 You can read her thoughts on her blog by clicking here, where you can find info …

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Waiting for the abundance of Isaiah 35

Greetings all. Welcome to the new followers - and thank you 🙂 I'm continuing a short series in Isaiah; sharing some of the encouragement and challenge of reading the book over the summer. If you like, you can read Isaiah and Me or The Isaiah Disclaimer as these were my introductory posts. It was a  …

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Memories, like the corners of my mind

I love the Facebook memories function. I enjoy looking back at them; most of the time they are a good laugh. One day last week, some memories popped up that threw me back to what was a very dark time, and I suddenly realised how far I've come. When we moved back to Ireland in …

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