Voting for the first time at 38

Well I finally did it! I voted in a general election for the first time.

I can hear you all, crying ‘SHAME’ Yes I know that people died for my right to vote. But they also died for so that Irish people could be governed with integrity. That doesn’t always happen either!

I have to say, I haven’t ‘not voted’ from apathy. I don’t sit at home thinking, ‘ah stuff it, I couldn’t be bothered.’ I haven’t voted before cos I haven’t thought it mattered, or that it would make a difference. If I see a local counsellor in Tallaght working hard, serving the people with integrity I’m loathed to do anything that might help him to get to the Dáil. The nearer they get to the top the less they can fight for local issues and the more they have to fight for countrywide issues AND more importantly the more they have to compromise on the one thing that makes them worthy of my vote – integrity.

Having said all that, I didn’t vote with enthusiasm last Friday. I am not sure that any party would have done any better. Who’s to say that they would not have been drunk on the same wine as Fianna Fáil? Are you sure they wouldn’t have been blinded by the money and the lure of the bankers and property developers? I’m not.

I acutally kinda like Micheál Martin. But there’s no way they could be allowed back in, I just felt I had to do my part to stop them… even though I hate the fact that now they can sit in opposition and criticise away to their hearts content.

Lastly, I need to clear up the whole nonsense of the , ‘if you don’t vote you don’t have the right to complain.’ Eh actually yes I do! No matter who we vote for or not, the government should govern for us all. The taosieach is our taoiseach whether we voted for him, the other guy or no one at all. He’s supposed to lead a government that rules the country for our good.

So give up yer grousing.
But as I voted this time, it should keep yiz quiet on that one!!!!