There you go again… mistaking our difference of opinion for hatred!

I’ve said this before and it’s gotten me into a fair bit of trouble over the years.
Most of you will know how I feel on this subject, but some of you won’t have read my blog before and therefore might be shocked at what I’m about to say.

Here we go… I don’t like U2.

I don’t like their music and I have a bit of an issue with their lead singer!

I’ve never liked them. Never been into their stuff. I concede that there are one or two classic tracks that everyone in the world should love. But generally I find them very same-y and I’m just not into them. I’m not a big fan of Bono either. I just don’t believe the character. It’s like he’s an actor and he’s not ‘playing’ the role very well.

Most of you are probably horrified. and I’ll probably get a bit of stick for this. But that really is where I stand on U2. Minority opinion I know, but there you have it.

So what does it mean?

Well, very little really.
To you – probably that I’m a musical philistine, that I have no taste, that I should shut up 🙂

But I’ll tell you what it DOESN’T mean! It doesn’t mean I hate Bono, or the other lads in the band. It doesn’t mean I hate U2 fans. Some of my best friends are… yeah you got there before me.

Now you can head off to twitter and say what ever you like about me; but just remember… you’ll be the one doing the hating – NOT ME!

Oh and btw… you can apply this principle to anything else we might disagree on.

2 thoughts on “There you go again… mistaking our difference of opinion for hatred!

  1. But your penultimate paragraph suggests that if folk disagree with you they will be the ones doing the hating, which kinda contradicts the point of this blog which is about disagreement not being hating. Doesn’t it? xx

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