M is for Monday is Monday

I remember this day so clearly. It was funny and embarrassing, so of course I’m going to share it… It was the day I found out that Monday is Monday 😀

You know when you actually start to worry about yourself! Well it was one of those moments. It was Monday morning and I was leaving for work. I walked past my neighbour’s house and he had his bins out. That’s strange, I thought. Bin day isn’t until tomorrow. What is he doing with his bin out on a Monday? So I kept walking. Just around the corner from my house, is my hairdresser’s salon. As I walked past the window I spotted all his lights were on, and there he was doing someone’s hair. But his salon isn’t open on a Monday. He only opens Tuesday to Saturday.

So I’m like, hang on. Peter, my neighbour, has his bins out. And the hairdressers is open. It must be Tuesday. I was sure it was Monday. How can it be Tuesday? How did I miss Monday?

It’s only a five minute walk to my office but I’m not kidding you, I was in sheer panic, all the way down the road.

What is wrong with me?

Have I lost it?

Is my memory failing me?

I’m sure I was in church yesterday.

Yesterday was Sunday, wasn’t it?

By the time I got to my office I was in a panic. I walked up to the receptionist with a wild look in my eyes

“What day is it?”

She lookedat me like, huh?

“No seriously,” I said tapping the reception desk, “what day is it?”

“Monday,” she said, with a very concerned look.

I went to my desk but it took me the whole morning to relax and calm down. As I thought about it, I saw how easy it was for me to be discombobulated. How quickly a couple of different things made me doubt myself, my sanity and my memory.

I’m a Christian but I live in a world where most of what I believe is challenged. Not only is truth challenged. But that truth even exists is challenged. That day, I was reminded that Monday is still Monday. No matter what .

And God is still God, no matter what. No changing circumstances can change that. 🙂

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