I is for Inspiration

I have a terrible habit of waiting for inspiration to strike before I sit down to write, even though I know, I should just sit down and do some work! Thriller writer Helen Hanson, is quoted as saying, “Inspiration is the windfall from hard work and focus. Muses are too unreliable to keep on the payroll.”

When I started writing, it was so much easier. Or it felt easier. I couldn’t wait to write. I had stories bursting out of me. These days, they are often dragged out of me. As I’ve mentioned before, lockdown has not been as productive for me as it has for others, but I’m not hitting myself over the head about it 😀

As tomorrow is a new school term, I’m going to use it to get back into a more structured week. So I’m going to complete the next quarter on my 2021 writing plan and I’m going to turn up at my desk regularly to see what happens! I love this quote from Peter Prange. “Instead of discussing with myself every morning whether I feel inspired or not, I step into my office every day at nine sharp, open the window and politely ask the muse to enter and kiss me. Sometimes she comes in, more often she does not. But she can never claim that she hasn’t found me waiting in the right place.”

Not sure I will be there every day, and I doubt I’ll make 9am but I intend to go in search of inspiration rather than wait for it to find me. Have you any tips for me? Where do you get your inpspiration from???

4 thoughts on “I is for Inspiration

  1. I like your post on inspiration a lot better than the post that appeared on the a t z blog for I. They just shared links to a bunch of random generators. Some of them were interesting, but I don’t think inspiration is random. True it doesn’t always come when and where we expect it but when it comes to me there is a kind of logic in it’s flight plan. Inspiration hits me often when I am listening to music, reading, driving to or fro (never when driving to and fro). Inspiration hit me quite often in a job I held for a year and only ended last week. It was a job I got stocking and arranging shelves over night in a grocery store. Often I had hour and hours of repetitive work surrounded only by muzak and my thoughts. I got many great ideas for blog content in those early hours of the morning. The trouble was always trying to get them down before I went to bed that morning or remember them when I woke up.

    1. Thanks a mil 🙂 Isn’t it maddening to get a great idea but not have the means to capture it!! I love the idea of inspiration having logic in its flight plan! Wonderful image. Thanks again

  2. I certainly agree with Dave about your post being better than the A to Z one, but they have limited themselves to the theme of gambling.
    I find writing prompts useful. I tend to prioritise writing for my blog, so I sit down, write and then the inspiration usually arrives.

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