Opportunities like buses

One of the things I miss about Ireland is the connections I made in the writing world. It has taken a while for me to build a network again, but last week I felt like I’d made a some progress.

I have to work hard to make time for writing these days. Me and my hectic life… I bring it to God every so often, questioning why I want to write so much, but how he has filled my life with so many other things it’s being pushed out. Yet He compels me to write. One of the many, ‘what’s that about?’ moments of life.

Last week I managed to have two opportunities to read my work. It’s been such a long time, I’d almost forgotten how 😀

On Thursday morning, I visited NHSound, Neville Hall’s hospital radio station. The show is called The Writers Room, it’s hosted by the lovely Gill Garrett and is broadcast every Thursday morning from 10-12. Last week’s programme was a special NHS 70th birthday show. As a writer and a mega user (and fan) of the NHS, I got to share a bit about both of those things on the show. It came just a few days after the anniversary of my surgery. It’s the same date as the beloved’s birthday, so always a bitter-sweet day. My time in the RGH all those years ago was on my mind anyway. It was great to be able to say thank you to the NHS, and be a small part of the national birthday celebrations.

Then on Saturday, along with fellow members of the Newport Writers, I read in the Spoken Word tent at the Maindee Festival. It was a fabulous event full of noise and colour. The smell of fabulous food and sound of eclectic music made for a vibrant atmosphere. It was a hot day, and the spoken word tent was like a sauna, but worth sticking with to hear such a great mix of stories and poetry.

I go through stages where I think it’s pointless keeping up with the writing lark. I’m making slow to no process. But lately I’m finding I enjoy it just because I enjoy it – and out of the blue, popped up some writing opportunities. Two in one week. I’m thankful to God for the encouragement. I’ll keep scribbling away and wait for the next bus 🙂

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