O is for The Oath

Another one I haven’t yet read, but as I mentioned in my F is for Frank and Francine post, Frank Peretti is a fave of mine. The Oath was published in 1995, and was the winner of the 1996 ECPA Gold Medallion Book Award.

It is described as a horror/fantasy.  A body is found in the woods and the brother of the victim Cliff Benson, is not convince when the cause of death is thought to be a bear attack. Steve Benson joins forces with the deputy sheriff, Tracy Ellis and as the body count rises, the history of the town becomes an important factor in the investigation. The deeper Benson and Ellis dig, the more sinister the history appears, until they come face to face with the evil itself.

It’s a long winding tale, which reveals the history of the town’s fate by letters and diary entries. There are dragons, inexplicable (or not) skin rashes, and plenty of further examples of spiritual symbolism.

My only hesitation, and the reason I haven’t read it yet… the copy I have is a large hardback version. I love a REAL book, but for this one, I may need to buy a second copy… one I can read on my tablet.

2 thoughts on “O is for The Oath

    1. Sorry for not responding! I thought I had. I never copped that as a benefit of reading digi books. But yes! Sometimes when I’m in a story it would be great to be able to flick back to how you met a character first… Thanks for popping by 😉

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