E is for Edmund

Though I did say in Day 3’s post, The Screwtape Letters is my favourite of the works of C.S. Lewis, my favourite of his characters is Edmund.

Edmund Pevensie almost gives away the whole of Narnia, and Aslan’s plans, for Turkish Delight. He is taken in by the White Witch’s false promises and but for the mercy of Aslan, would have been a prisoner of hers for the rest of his life. In the realms of Christian fiction, I believe Edmund is ultimate character. He is easily tempted, he lies, he betrays, he is captured, publicly shamed, rescued, forgiven, and restored. He is then crowned a King of Narnia, just as the prophecy had foretold.

At his coronation towards the end of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, he is named ‘Edmund the Just’. Who better to rule a land with justice than one who saw another take the punishment for his own betrayal.

In the following two stories, Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader we meet a young man growing in maturity, wisdom and patience. In Dawn Treader when Eustace finally starts to change, apologising for his ‘beastly’ behaviour, Edmund immediately tells Eustace of his own earlier failings. He had not forgotten, and it made him a better person for it. In The Horse and His Boy, Edmund becomes a strong leader in war; outshining his brother Peter, High King of Narnia, in battle and in insight.

In Edmund we hear echoes of Luke 7:47 “… whoever has been forgiven little loves little.” He had been forgiven a great betrayal and went on to show great love for Aslan and Narnia. One of my favourite fictional portrayals of mercy and redemption in action.

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