F is for Fideism

FNow then – here’s your word for today – Fideism.
CARM – Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry, says that ‘Fideism’ is: the philosophical and theological view that some areas of knowledge cannot be sufficiently known through experience and/or reason. Fideism is the complete reliance on faith without evidence and/or reason.

The lack of ‘evidence’ and ‘reason’ seems to cause great frustration for many people who don’t believe in a deity. The fact that Christians believe without tangible evidence irritates and even angers some commentators. We are often sneered at, mocked and insulted because we accept things without evidence. Celebrity atheists call us all sorts of stupid, gullible and crazy. The Bible reminds us however, that God rewards us for believing. Some people saw Jesus and believed – great, but Jesus said that those who believe without seeing are blessed.

There’s a song on this subject that I love. It’s sung by Susan Ashton. the chorus goes

You want to hold the intangible
To fashion the darkness into familiar shape
To see with your eyes, to know with your mind
Oh ye of so little faith
only the heart can hold the intangible.

But my favourite line is this one…

Let’s just suppose. How it would be; to trade all you know for one ounce of true belief.

That line actually thrills me, because I know I wouldn’t do the swap the other way around. I would not give away one ounce of my faith for all the knowledge in the world.

And you can call me what you like; cos Jesus calls me blessed 🙂

3 thoughts on “F is for Fideism

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    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for popping by.
      Yes it’s a philosophical term as well as a theological one – so that’s true.
      Will catch up on my reading over the weekend – I’ll be sure to come see what you’re up to 🙂

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