Creative Christians in Wales

Last night I’d a great evening chatting to some of the Creative Christians in Wales group.

It was a small gathering in a coffee shop in Cardiff, chatting about set up and making some plans. The vision, though still in its formative stage, is to give creative believers an opportunity to share their art, network, encourage each other and pray together.

It’s not often I get to talk about my creative life, within the context of my faith in a Creator God. We talked about how we reflect that part of His nature, as creatives, and the hope that this group will give us more opportunity to do that. You know, I worried when I moved to the UK and lost direct contact with a lot of creative people I was connected with, that I would somehow lose out. This is not the first, but the greatest reassurance that won’t happen.

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The group on Facebook has artists, writers, poets, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, musicians, and at least one excellent deliverer of the spoken word. Jordan Sheehy… you must check her out.

It’s great to be part of such a group. Last night we discussed potential. There’s so many things the group could be and do. I’m excited to be involved at this early stage. Watch this space, as they say…

You don’t have tick all three boxes to get involved. It’s not an exclusive club. So if you’re a Christian, in Wales, interested in the arts then great, be sure to get in touch. However, if you only fall in to one or two of the categories, please do connect if you’d like to. There’s the Twitter feed, a Facebook page, and keep your eye out for a blog coming soon. It will showcase some of the artists and encourage discussion about faith and the arts.

Oh and in case you’re worried I’ve forgotten I’m Irish…. Lá Fhéile Padraig shona dhuit
(Happy St. Patrick’s Day) 🙂 x

3 thoughts on “Creative Christians in Wales

  1. Hi I found your blog via the A-Z challenge… wandering around the blogs. Lovely to hear from a fellow creative Christian. My passion creatively is quilting and I describe myself as keen not necessarily good! I love to use my hobby/craft/art in the service of Christ and his community. I make banners that we use in our church and also some quilts that are given to those in need. I have also started making smaller craft objects to sell to raise money for a school for disadvantaged children in Zambia. I am glad to hear that you have found a gathering of creative people who love God to encourage, inspire and support each other. Sometimes the church is not as supportive and encouraging of artists as it might be. Our last minister was so lovely to me. It is only because of her encouragement and interest that I began to make banners to use in our worship space. I have been greatly blessed in being able to do this and it has been appreciated by my congregation too.

  2. Oh wow, that sounds great. Lucky you to have a community of like-minded artists. I am in Brazil, so I wouldn’t be able to participate, but I would love to check out the Facebook page.

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