She’s Leaving Home

Well hello there 🙂

The Road to Autumn (and to our church in Brannockstown)

Yes it’s a while since I’ve been here. My little summer break turned into a longer one because I knew when I came back to the blog I’d be writing this post.

It’s a strange thing to finally have an answer after a couple of years of searching for one. Stranger still when it’s something that at one stage I didn’t want; and now… well it’s right.

I worry about myself sometimes; that I’m fickle and moody and have used up my quota of the women’s prerogative to change my mind. All those things are probably true of me… but! I also believe in seasons. Seasons that God has something for you and then something else. Ways in which He brings you around to His way of thinking.

I mean let’s face it, if I’m praying “Thy will be done”,
I suppose 
I have to be willing to say,
“and kick my plans to the kerb if you need to Lord”.

So I’m moving. Back to the Land of our Fathers. Well the land of his fathers to be precise. I say ‘his’, not ‘His’. I’m talking about him, the husband; not Him, God. Although some Welsh folk would say both is true.

I left Wales in 2007, eager to be in Ireland with my family. I was constantly homesick, and was not able to rise above the sadness of no children, the death of my mother and what felt like an ever-increasing distance between me and my homeland. I have family and friends aplenty in Wales, but I never stopped pining for home.

I look back and I know I was immature; maybe had I been a stronger Christian I would have been able to learn ‘contentment in all situations’. I’m not beating myself up, just wondering if that’s the case.

Either way, it was with no small amount of joy that I returned to Ireland in 2007.

The Road to Wales

And now what? Well more than 7 years later I have joy at the thought of returning. I’ve had a rough year, but I’m not returning out of grief. I’m involved in lots of writing and radio; things that will not be easy to leave behind, so I’m not going out of boredom or lack of fulfilment. Things have not turned out for us work & ministry-wise the way we thought, but we’re not returning out of failure.

We’re returning because God has called us.
He has made it clear that is where he wants us. Clear as a bell, to both of us, separately, and together; with joy and peace about it. Even though I hate saying good-bye and love being near my family and involved in all the great groups I’m involved with, I still know this is the right thing for us.

So in mid December we will head back across the Irish Sea to live in Wales again.

One of my favourite verses comes to mind. I use it about my writing, but it’s about my whole life Lord unless you build this house, I am building it in vain.  (Psalm 127:1)

11 thoughts on “She’s Leaving Home

  1. It’s always scary to get out of our comfort zone but if you truly believe that God wants you to be somewhere else, let him lead the way. I have learned in my short life that God always has a reason for shaking up our life and when we let him lead the way, great things happen.

  2. Two and a half years ago, my husband and I moved from Tennessee (the Nashville area) to a small town in southern West Virginia. I had never even been to WV to visit. And there are a lot of jokes about WV. I really didn’t think I would love it, but it was a business opportunity and my husband was convinced it was the right move for his career and our life. Fortunately, the drive back to Nashville (where my family and many friends are) is only six and a half hours — doable for me on my own. And as the loving, supportive wife I am (pats herself on the back), I said I was completely willing to get outside my comfort zone as long as he never make me feel guilty about frequent trips to visit the kids. I expected a rough transition and not having friends right away. It turned out to be the best thing we ever did. Our life has been great here. Making friends was super easy. Now I have great friends in both places. And I spend plenty of time in Nashville. This move has taught me something. All the “fears of the unknown” I had were a waste of my time. I’m much more adaptable than I even knew. And I’ve never been one for change or adventure, but this really has been an adventure. A fun one! Gosh, I think my comment should be a new blog post rather than a comment. Sorry to get so carried away here. Just wanted you to know your post resonated with me. 🙂

      1. What I forgot to say is that we both prayed about this move and believed together that God had reasons for bringing us here that had nothing to do with his business. We knew He would show us how we could do HIS work once we got here. And that is exactly what has happened. I look forward to reading more of your blog. 🙂

  3. Where God leads, He paves the way and equips you. All the best as you and Richard follow God’s call on your lives. I’ve no doubt He knows what He’s doing and will use this to bless you and others in your sphere of influence. God bless you as you prepare and go.

  4. I won’t lie Annmarie. I read this post with a lump in my throat. I sometimes feel I live my life in a state of fear and here you are closing your eyes and, with trust, falling, knowing that God will hold you close no matter what. I wish I were less timid and less afraid.
    It is an amazing thing and I wish you and Richard so much joy in your move.

  5. I’ve only just seen your post – and I’m sorry both to know you’re leaving, and sorry that I didn’t know this to say it to you the other day. You will be sorely, sorely missed in the writing community as much as many others I have no doubt, but online hopefully the distance will be nothing. I’m glad that the thoughts of your new adventure are bringing you joy – isn’t that 98.576% of the battle?

    1. Thanks Tara. I’m sorry I didn’t mention it the other day. Didn’t think anyone who is on FB or Twitter could miss it.
      I worry a little about having to start all over again, writing wise, but you’re right – the online community means I can be anywhere and still keep doing the same stuff :).

      1. I’m afraid I didn’t see a thing on social media last week unless it was fired directly at me. You must have thought I was so, well, thoughtless not to mention it, so sorry!
        And perhaps it’s not about starting anything all over again – you’re building on solid foundations in every respect. And I have no doubt your results will be solid and long-lasting.

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