Arrgggghhhhh! What’s the point?

What the heck was today all about?

I left the house without my phone – a thing I NEVER do. I came home hours later than planned, having not bothered to check email acc #2 – even though I was on a laptop logged into #1.

Email from employment agency came in at 9.02 am “The phone number on your CV is wrong and we need to contact you.” But I didn’t see it until almost 5pm.
Hang on…..

THE PHONE NUMBER ON YOUR CV IS WRONG??????? I think not. I proof read that CV 100 times. They must have called and the phone rang out cos it was AT HOME! But no… I look at the CV and the number on it is wrong. The phone number is wrong, on the CV that I have sent out for admin jobs.

Note to self: Take ‘attention to detail’ off the CV when you amend it.

So I reply apologetically, then try his number, and lo! he answers. We have a great conversation. He loves my CV and thinks it’s perfect for the job. The job that is due to start at the end of August and will last for 3 weeks! NOT the job I applied for, the description on the job I applied for was wrong.

I mean…. what…? why….? What a load of wasted energy, then excitement, then angst.
What is the point of all the nonsense?

small__5488847470I don’t know; but here’s the thing. The reason I was late is cos I spent longer than I’d planned with my niece and grand-niece. Guitar lesson, lunch, chats and more chats. It was a fab day. Other news when I got home, I found that a book reviewer who I love is reading my book at the moment and it seems that so far she’s enjoying it. I got an email thanking me for my blogging/tweeting contributions to the Hay Festival in Kells, and the offer of a press pass for next year’s event.

At no stage did I ask ‘what’s the point?’, ‘what did I do to deserve this?’ That is probably because the answer is,.. nothing. Nothing to deserve the nonsense, and nothing to deserve the fun stuff. I reckon sometimes that’s just life; and we get a chance to break Murphy’s law.
Or at least even the scales of rough justice a bit… 🙂

photo credit: yommtde via photopin cc

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