Nice to meet you, I’m a lame sinner

‘Anagram your name,’ they said. ‘It’ll be fun,’ they said.
Yeah thanks for that!

medium_771321562You mix up the letters of my name and yes, you get some fun nonsense, but smack bang in the middle of the list is raw truth – Annmarie Miles is an anagram for ‘I’m a lame sinner’. It’s up there with the joyful ‘mother-in-law’ anagram right?

How annoying that it happens to be true…

I know it’s an uncomfortable thought for many. To say that we inherently bad, and not ‘naturally’ good. I look at a brand new gorgeous baby and think, “how could there be anything but loveliness and goodness in that little life?” But though I’m not a parent, so can only speak from looking at my own life, and I can tell you this – I didn’t have to be taught to misbehave.  Nor does it seem like the small people I encounter have to be either. I didn’t have to be led towards trouble. I had to be led away from it. My natural disposition was (and in many ways still is) to veer away from the straight and narrow. I had to be taught manners, taught to share, and corrected when I didn’t do it. I don’t know any child who didn’t have to be taught to say please and thank you.


I know how greedy and lazy I can be. How ungenerous I am – and I’m not happy about it. But I don’t kick my self in the shins about it either. I’m a work in progress. I’m on a journey, one on which I stumble regularly – but I always get back up. I’m somebody with a past I cannot change and a future that is filled with possibilities. I’m someone who believes in the grace and forgiveness of the Almighty God.
I’m a lame sinner – on the road to recovery. 🙂


photo credits:
drinksmachine via photopin cc
Terry Rogers via Pinterest

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