Turn around when possible…

You know when you’re about to set off on a journey but the sat nav hasn’t given you your first instruction yet? So you move forward so it knows which way you’re heading and then (usually in my case) it says its favourite words – ‘turn around when possible!’

compassThe start of 2014 has me feeling a little bit nervous about which way I should go. I’ve never had a great sense of direction and have regularly taken wrong turns – even with sat nav help. I’ve been looking back at some blog posts and it seems I’m the same in life. I’ve shared a few posts on this before, not knowing where to go or what to do next. But through the year things happened with God opening some surprising doors and in some cases he closed doors It thought were for me.
2013 has been fantastic though – who would have thought it would turn out like it did?

This seems to be a time for reviews… so here’s my quick look back at 2013. 

Attended the launch of the National Emerging Writer’s Programme and took to some serious writing
Did the AtoZ Challenge & 1City1Book in April
Stopped short of the Masters in Theology and finished with a Post Grad Diploma (so I could go write some other stuff)
Shortlisted for Blog Awards Ireland
Quit @auntyamo on Twitter to re-emerge as @amowriting
Was made redundant from my 9to5 job
Got to be involved in the Red Line & Dublin Book Festivals as well as the Dublin Christian Arts Festival
Completed NaNoWriMo
PUBLISHED A BOOK! with Emu Ink (still ‘whooping’ over that one 😀 )
Prepared myself to say goodbye to my dad for the third time in my life and… he’s still with us.

Most of that stuff was a complete surprise to me and certainly not where I thought I was heading. And I have no idea what is in store for 2014. So all I can do is start moving. I think I know what way to go, but if I’m going the wrong way my prayer is that God will speak to me. God is my ultimate sat nav and I trust Him to direct me and when I go the wrong way, to tell me to ‘turn around when possible.’

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks all your visits and comments in 2013 x

photo credit: gwgs via photopin cc

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