What’s Next? (huh? who said that?!)

I don’t like uncertainty; and at the moment, things are uncertain. I’m waiting to hear news about a few different things. All will potentially change our situation. And though I believe that God will take care of us no matter what, it’s the not knowing that’s the killer isn’t it?!

When I’m on the cliff edge and can see over into the abyss of ‘what’s next?’ I’m totally terrified and would rather know that destruction is imminent than be worrying and wondering. But whenever someone else is in that place I’m excited for them. In fact I’m almost jealous of them… cos I want that time of possibility and potential.

what's next

A few folk that I’ve mentioned my dilemma to are waiting to hear what amazing unexpected door will open up ahead of me. As I reach out into the dark uncertainty, I’m clinging to hope and trying my best to trust God – and not throw a wobbly…

I know it will all be made clear in His time, but for now I’m waiting… waiting for a light to come on… waiting for a door to open… or a familiar sound to ring out.

When it happens I’ll let you know.

And what about you… are you waiting to hear something? Fumbling around in the darkness?

If you are and that was you I just tripped over – I’m terribly sorry! 🙂 

photo credit: RichardStep.com via photopin cc

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