The Next Big Thing…

I was tagged in this lovely blog post 🙂 Thanks Trish!
My reply will come on Wednesday, for now… enjoy…

Trish Nugent Writer.

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the extremely talented writer, Jillian Godsil, requesting to tag me in an on-line blogging chain – The Next Big Thing.

The chain is a way for writers to promote their work-in-progress through a series of questions.

Jillian is a writer, blogger and freelance journalist, renowned for selling her house on utube.

I met Jillian for the first time last year at a book launch in Hughes and Hughes, where we were introduced by our good pal Susan Condon.

In December, we met again in, of all places the ladies toilets at The Westin Hotel, prior to recording The Twitter Xmas single. We had a lovely chat about sex novels 🙂
It was not however until our third meeting, at the launch of said Xmas single that I got to actually sit and chat with Jillian over a glass or five of cabernet…

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