Talking through my (Santa) hat?

What is the story with the ‘Mystery of the Disappearing November’? (Was that an Enid Blyton book? If not, it should have been!) Every year, we have Halloween and then suddenly it’s the first of December. Oh look there it goes again…

I know my recent posts have been a bit negative or at the very least been dealing with subjects where there has been lots of negative talk. But Christianity (you may be surprised to know) is about much more than our differing views on the hot topics. I’m not sure how it happened but in pop culture, Christianity seems to have been boiled down to horrible priests and moral opinion that equals hating women.

It’s a far cry from “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all the people”! (Luke 2:10) – which is the heart of the message that was given with the arrival of Jesus Christ on the earth!

My dad - Christmas 2009
This is my Dad and he wants YOU to enjoy Christmas 🙂

Advent has begun and I have a question for you.
Not “What are you doing FOR Christmas?”
My question is … what are you going to do WITH Christmas this year?

Don’t get me wrong now. I’m no religious Scrooge! I’m a mad woman for the presents and the food and the tree and the decs and the food and the cards and did I mention the food? 😉 I’m not adverse to the odd drinky, although I draw the line at eggnog; cos that’s just not right!

So this is not about throwing out the fun and replacing it with the glum. It’s about enjoying ALL the great things about Christmas, including the message of the angels  We’re miles and years from the first Christmas, but family and gift giving fit very well with the original story! And if you’re someone who hasn’t really paid much attention to the spiritual side of Christmas, I would encourage you to spend a few minutes in the middle of the madness to give it some thought. If you look carefully you’ll find the original message is still there.

And for those who are alone or grieving or just sick of the whole thing already, there are tidings of comfort and joy. God is with us – Immanuel 🙂

"The Star of Bethelehem is still shining" a pastor from Bethlehem said this to me when I met him in Cyprus last year!
“The Star of Bethelehem is still shining” a pastor from Bethlehem said this to me when I met him in Cyprus last year!

Am I really just talking through my hat? What are you going to do with Christmas this year?

3 thoughts on “Talking through my (Santa) hat?

  1. carolannwrites

    Lovely question, Amo! This year Christmas will be family, family, family… Your Dad looks like he loves Christmas! 🙂

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