Who’da Guest it?!

So where can you find me?

Well I’ve a regular column in VOX Magazine (back issues can now be read online). I’ve also had articles published in WHOA Women magazine.
I’m an Emerging Writer member of writing.ie and so contribute to the member’s blog the odd time.

I’m delighted that I’ve had the opportunity to write a guest post for a few different blogs/sites etc. And there are more in the pipeline.

So I thought it I’d make a list which I’ll add to as I do more… 🙂

Regular posts:
VOX website

Guest Posts:
Grader Gal Books Blogger Interviews Oct 2012, May 2013
1 Hundred Works May 2013
The Love & Life Project May 2013
Keratoconus GB – Living with KC Mar 2013
Carousel Creates Jan 2013, Mar 2013
Joint Post with my cornea donor’s mom Feb 2013
Anseo A Mhúinteoir Oct 2012
Successful e-Writer Oct 2012
Southern Belle Sept 2012


I’m very grateful to those who’ve allowed me to talk through my hat their blogs! I consider it a real privilege. Thanks folks 🙂

7 thoughts on “Who’da Guest it?!

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      1. 1hundredworks

        Sure, why not… its always nice to have a different outlook. When should I book a spot for you? 😛

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