Group Therapy

It was with a spring in my step that I made my way to one of our local pubs here in Kilcullen to join the newly reformed Kilcullen Writer’s Group. I just happened to spot a mention of it on the The Diary and thought… I’ll have some of that thank you!

At the recent Culture Night event held in the town, members of the original group had been inspired to restart it. Perfect timing for me – and very considerate of them to hold it just a short walk from my house 🙂

There were 5 of us (with an extra 2/3 promising to come to the next one). All women and all with different writing experiences and styles. It was so nice to chat with folk who ‘get it’! This is still relatively new for me and already I feel I’ve bored anyone who’s not into the writing thing! We discussed inspiration, disappointment, what we read, writer envy, pen & paper v computer, courses & retreats, and we all read something we’d written.

To type or to scribble?!

We talked for about two hours and laughed for most of it. Already there’s an excursion on the cards and even the possibility of getting involved in Kilcullen’s contribution to The Gathering festivities…

It was all very encouraging & inspiring and just what I need as I contemplate some big changes coming my way – more on that anon.

Suffice to say, I’ve found the perfect therapy group. I go along, confidently stand up and say “Hello I’m Annmarie”, (nod at responses.. Hi Annmarie) “and yes… I am a writer”. And the great thing group is… I don’t even have to quit my addiction!

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