A(n im)politic rant – very unlike me! (I’ll probably regret it in about 7 minutes!)

Now it’s a bad day when I start commenting on politics but I’m not a little irked at Eamon Gilmore’s comments over the weekend.

So let me rant for a bit… my faith is not a handbag that vaguely matches what I’m wearing on a particular day. It is at the centre of my life. Being a Christian is not a badge. It means to follow Jesus on a journey to be Christlike. (I haven’t gotten very far but that’s what some of the other blog posts are for!)

I really don’t like public representatives deciding and proclaiming that the most important thing in MY life should be pushed to one side so that this country can be governed without matters of faith being in any way taken into consideration.

I know we live in a democracy! I know that lots of people feel differently to the way I do. I also know that referenda will be voted on and things will change.
But I don’t believe that Eamon Gilmore and the Labour party have the right to move faith to one side. He mentions the “the interconnectedness of the views of one Church, with the laws of the country”. I’m not Roman Catholic, so if and when this disconnect comes how are the things that I hold dear taken into consideration?

He talked about “a positive vision of society – one where every person, regardless of background, gender or creed, is free to flourish.” I don’t believe I will be free to flourish if the foundation priniciples of my life are considered irrelevant and ignored when decisions that affect my life are taken at a national level.

It has long been unacceptable to ignore the voice of the minority. If that’s where believing practising Chrstians are then thats where we are, but we’d like to be extended a similar courtesy.

Me dander’s up big time!

2 thoughts on “A(n im)politic rant – very unlike me! (I’ll probably regret it in about 7 minutes!)

  1. Anon

    As someone who doesn’t believe that there is even a god, I think it is time to take ALL religion out of politics and feel that religion has had too much say in how this country is run. Another minority having their say!!

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