No subject for one who ain’t a subject! #diamondjubilee

I’m watching the Diamond Jubilee stuff on telly. Being married to one of QEII’s subjects, I have gotten used to listening to the Christmas day address. And over the years I’ve watched the Golden Jubilee, coverage the Queen’s mum’s funeral, Prince Charles 2nd wedding, Will and Kate’s wedding and now this!

It’s a long long time since Ireland had a King. And when the British monarchy assumed authority over Ireland we didn’t love him/her like the Britons do. To be honest I went from years of not knowing or caring about British monarchy, to the more recent years of just not getting it.

I don’t get it. I don’t get the pomp, the grandeur, the guys on the horses with the big hats, the carriages, the gilt edged everything, the ceremonies. I don’t hate it or resent it. I just don’t understand it. I suppose it is because I’ve never been a ‘subject’!

To be honest I got a bit jealous today. Not that I’d love to have a monarchy, or a queen. It’s just that on a day like today no one talks about how rubbish the government is, or how crap the Euro is. No one has mentioned how dismal the economic outlook is. I can’t imagine how much money was spent on this week’s festivities but no one is talking about that. And I bet in Prime Minister’s Questions next week it won’t be either. Even the weather which is atrocious and has been mentioned (ruining some of the planned events), refuses to put a dampener on this day.

Someone mentioned that our hopeful success in this years European championships might do the trick. But that depends on our performance, so it could go either way. The trials and tribulations of the British monarchy don’t often suggest a change of management. And no matter what… look at them. They love her!

Enjoy the celebrations my British friends n fam. And enjoy your extra day off; which I think is where my real jealousy stems from 😀

Anyway, I’m off to see if I can muster up the love for mini Michael D. Well he’s the nearest thing we have to ‘one who lives in the big house up the end of the mall…’

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