More of a Go-Slow than a Fast this Lenten season

So I’m NOT giving up FB for lent. Mainly cos I’m in the middle of a campaign 😀

I’ve decided that I’m going to do something that I would be harder than even stopping chocolate. I’m going to have at least 15 minutes of total silence every day. No phone, no music, no nothing.

You might think it’s a little thing but I can’t bear silence. But I’ve heard it’s a great thing to do. Hopefully I’ll get to enjoy, hopefully I’ll be able to do more than 15 mins at a time, hopefully my spirit and my mind will learn to be quiet too and hopefully it will lead to some real communication with God!

So day 1….. Let me give you a list of the stupid things that came into my head as I was trying to just think about God…

The cobwebs on the window, Fox’s Glacier Dark, my sister Liz, how much like eternity 15 minutes is, Dysons, the launch of my book entitled something like “It Started With a Fast: how I went from 15 mins of silence a day to utter pertection in 6 weeks”, my job, weight loss, weight gain (I’m yo-yo dieting in my head now!), soup and some other subjects that I’d rather not share.

Quite a lot covered in 15 minutes eh?

Now do you see why this is so hard for me?

Now do you see why abstaining from chocolate would probably be easier?

Oh I better dash, got to make dinner, where does the time go?????

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