Up to (date with) my eyeballs… have I got yiz in stitches???

Thanks to everyone who’s been keeping up to date with my eye situation. I know not all of you are pray-ers but I do appreciate all the support and good wishes from everyone.  (For those who are new to the story I had a cornea transplant in March of 2010)

Today didn’t go as expected but it was still good news…

I have been working towards getting all the stitches out (there are 13 of the original 16 still in there). And I thought today would be the day. I had misunderstood the procedure and thought that I couldn’t move on to the next step of recovery… new glasses, contacts etc until that happened.

Seemingly the vision in the eye is greatly improved. The shape of the cornea is very good and the stitches are all secure. So in cases like these they tend to leave well enough alone. I asked if it’s possible they would leave the stitches in forever and the Dr said that it was possible as long as they didn’t cause any problems.

I explained that I can’t wear my glasses at the moment, ergo I can’t drive. I need my glasses to give me better vision in my left eye, but when I’m wearing them the vision in my right eye is so bad it makes the room spin. And it turns out that this is because I don’t need glasses for my right eye now. I can get clear glass in the right eye and have an updated prescription in the left eye and I should be fine, actually better than fine… to read and drive etc. It’s not 20 20 vision or anything like that in the right eye but clear glass would be enough and probably the wiser option as the vision/cornea may change again.  

So I’ve already booked in with my optician to get new glasses. 🙂

I’m absolutely delighted with the outcome and again I appreciate all the prayers and interest in my cornea transplant journey. I’m also really excited that my cornea donor Brandon and his family have become a part of the story. His parents Diane and Bill and their friends have been praying for me and I’m hoping to meet them please God, later this year.


Me and my cornea donor Brandon Tucker who went to be with Jesus on Feb 23rd 2010. Thanks Brandon x

In case you didn’t know, I submitted a photo to an exhibition run by the Circle of Light Foundation in Colorado. It is connected to the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank, which sent the cornea to Ireland from the US. The photo is of me holding my laptop with a picture of Brandon on the screen. I hope you like it.

A x

3 thoughts on “Up to (date with) my eyeballs… have I got yiz in stitches???

  1. Stephen

    That sounds great Annmarie
    Looks like you could be in stitches for life!
    A glass eye – eh! so you can see better …. hmmm – I wonder what Roger would have to say about that, and he’s not even the pirate

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