Saint Bernard remembered

Yesterday it was 10 years since my father in law Bernard Miles, went to be with the Lord. I have such great memories of him and still miss him. I loved him loads and loads. 🙂 I only knew him for 3 years, but I have some great memories…

 He loved me. He used to greet me by clapping his hands together and rubbing them, saying with a big smile (in his terrible Irish accent) “ahhh sure ‘tis yerself.” And I’d get a big hug. I always smile when I think of it. If ever we were on our own together he’d make a cup of tea or coffee and we’d have a chat. He used to say that he was delighted that Rich found someone who shared his two great loves…. God and music.

He loved Sundays. Before me and Rich were married we often stayed in their house. I’d come down stairs for breakfast with only minutes to spare and he’d be smiling brightly. “It’s the Lord’s Day Annmarie. We’re going to praise the Lord together. Isn’t this the best day!” I would grunt as positive an answer as I could muster and try to butter my toast with my eyes closed.

He loved to work. Very often you’d find him in his overalls attending to one little job or other that needed doing in the house or the garden. He had a garage/workshop that was cleaner than my kitchen. Everything was neatly arranged and in little individual pots or containers. If ever you said, “Dad, have you got one of those nails  shaped like an elephant?” He’d say, “oh I think I have hang on…” Into the garage he’d go; and lo and behold… he’d find one.

He knew I was lazy but he was very gracious. He was building a wall in the garden one time and one day I said, ‘Hey Nehemiah, lunch is ready’ and with a big smile said “the Bible says that Nehemiah had a mind to work Annmarie… and so did his family!”

He loved the Bible. He had such a great love for Scripture. I never heard him preach or lead a Bible study, but we came across some notes he’d made over the years. It’s obvious he had a great love and understanding of God’s Word. And any time I stayed in his house, at some stage during the day, I’d find him in the conservatory reading his Bible.

He loved God. Of all the things I remember about him, his love for Jesus is my most abiding memory of him. He had been sick, but he had an amazing attitude to his illness. He told me once that if he got to stay with us that would be great. But if he didn’t he’d get to be with Jesus. So from his point of view, he couldn’t lose.

“No Dad”, I thought to myself, “we’ll be the ones who lose”

He was and wonderful and had a wonderful witness. I will never forget him and thank God for every memory I have of him.

One thought on “Saint Bernard remembered

  1. That’s lovely Annmarie, and paints a very good picture of Uncle Bernard. I could visualise him while I read it. I cannot picture him in my mind without a smile on his face! x

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