The Beauty of Submission

I know I’m writing on something that is not a popular subject for a lot of women. But the picture I see of submission in the Bible is beautiful!

I’m aware that through the centuries the picture of leadership and submission has been used against women and in many cases still is. I try not to get into the arguments and debates about it mainly because most women I know who disagree with me are far better debaters than I am. They’ve got their arguments well studied and rehearsed and I am no match for them.

But if I was a stronger debater, and knew my Bible better maybe…. I would argue my point more effectively I’m sure.

To me it is simple. A triune God who in eternity knew that one of them, though equal in status and glory, would have to submit, obey and ultimately suffer. Now there’s a picture for you.

Creation of man and woman and the glorious connection they were to have was marred by deception and sin; and it’s been a struggle ever since! I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Eve had said something like ‘Hey honey, what do you think about what this guy is saying about eating the apple?’
Not asking permission… Just asking his opinion about a pretty big decision.
Not a blow to her human rights or her individuality…. Just a consultation with the other stake holder with a vested interest in their life together.

And then there’s the other picture in the New Testament.
Husbands like Christ.
Wives like the Church.
I’m supposed to be willing to live for him and he’s supposed to be willing to die for me. I reckon I get the easier end of the deal on this one.

Now I’m a big, opinionated woman with a fairly strong character. And I married a quiet man with a gentle spirit. Submission doesn’t come naturally to me, nor does authority come naturally to him. We’ve had to work on it. I was quite happy to run our lives and he was quite happy to let me. Then some very good friends pointed that out to us. And we realised why things were wrong in our marriage. I WANTED him to stand up to me, but never allowed him to! It was all wrong.

Now everything is different. I’m still as loud as I ever was and to the onlooker it probably doesn’t look different!

I know I am blessed to be married to someone who doesn’t try to stifle my individuality. And I know that not every Christian woman is married to a man that loves her as Christ loves the Church and gave himself for her.

Maybe submission isn’t beautiful now! But it was meant to be!

Yes! The authority of men has been used against women, yes there are Christian men who wield their authority like a light sabre. And yes there are women who crouch under if in fear.
But I thank my God in Heaven that I don’t. I think it’s beautiful!

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