Confined to Barracks

Like a lot of people on the East coast of Ireland, I was stranded in my home today. I didn’t even try to get the car out of the drive, cos I didn’t think I’d be able to go to get it out of the estate or up the hill. The news said there was trouble on the N7, the M50 and the N3. Basically my route to work!!!
So I stayed in my pjs, looked out at the snow, logged in remotely and did some work, made the smallest snowman in history and listened to Christmas FM! It was lovely.

Problem is… this weather might also stop me from flying to Wales this weekend. In the last 2 days, the airport has been closed twice for a number of hours at a time. The airport may well be open tomorrow… but how will we get there? I mean we could try to get the car out of the drive, and then get out of the estate and then up the hill, then on to the N7 and on to the M50….. not looking good is it!

What is it about this weather?! ‘Ohhhhh I’d love to be snowed in!!!’ We love the idea of it and when it arrives we still love it… for about 24 hours! Then it just isn’t funny any more. People trying to get to work, and get home again, old people stranded in their homes, essential services disrupted, public transport at a stand still and I’m running out of milk!!!!!

So after my day of encapsulation what what have I learned?

1. Uggboot slippers are definitely the way to go
2. Working from home is something to aspire to
3. Snow is a bit like a giant cream cake; looks gorgeous but eventually you’ll get sick of it!
4. Building a snowman is harder than it looks
5. Being snowed in the definitely one of those, ‘be careful what you wish for….’ things
6. My husband is a saint!
7. No matter where I want to get to I need to get my car of the drive, out of the estate, up a hill……

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