G is for Gollum

Day 7 of the April A to Z Challenge. Having been blogging from a hotel room for the last few days, it’s been a challenge to keep up. But I’ve just about managed to 🙂

Today, I hope you’ll forgive me for directing you to someone else’s writing for ‘G’ post. I’ve recently found a blog called ‘Wisdom from The Lord of the Rings’, which I’m enjoying going through. I’ve only seen the films, once each. I was never a sold out fan, but I’m planning on watching them again, since starting to read about them.

I loved Stephen C Winter’s post about Gollum, and hope you enjoy it too. I recommend going through some other posts, particularly if you’re a TLOR fan 🙂

As I’m just back from a few days away, and trying to get sorted for church tomorrow, I shall leave you to click here  for some Gollum wisdom 🙂

I’ll see you on Monday for the H post; and I promise to catch up on some reading too. x