Guest Post by Ruth Gyves: the Twists & Turns of Life

A warm welcome to my guest on the blog today - Ruth Gyves 🙂 She was with me on the Wednesday Night show on Spirit Radio this week. I'll let her tell her story... Last Wednesday night, I made my debut on Spirit Radio. I was the guest on the lovely Annmarie Miles’ show. We spent …

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On Wednesday night on Spirit Radio we were talking about encouragement; how important it is and different ways we can encourage each others. Our prime example in the Bible is Barnabas. His name means Son of Encouragement - and he really lived up to it. He was not just a chuck-on-the-shoulder kinda guy. He was …

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Making Changes

Last Wednesday on Spirit Radio I was talking to our regular guest Sharon who'll be leaving Ireland for Spain soon. We talked about making big changes to our lives and I mentioned that if we're not ready to head off to foreign climes - maybe there are some small changes we can make to our …

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