Not sure if I “like” your “endorsement”, you “follow”?

Sincere apologies to anyone who has done this for me, and it doesn’t apply to every one – but I have to ask… What is the story with LinkedIn endorsements?

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Cos I am actually scarlet when I get one.


Red face, cringe, stare at feet – moments!

Now I am a girl who is well able to take a compliment.
You shower me with compliments – I’ll dig out the loofah!
But on LinkedIn???? I not sure I get it.

If you’re reading this and you have endorsed me then you might be harrumphing at my lack of gratitude and I can’t blame you for that. But I’d take those compliments more graciously (and willingly) if I really understood what they were about…?

So here’s why I have some scruples…

1. Is it just a case of Quid pro quo?
I read somewhere that recommendations on LinkedIn lose their value if they are reciprocated. Which is a pain cos I have two great recommendations and yes… they are both reciprocated. If endorsements are about mutual back scratching then I don’t see the point.
It’s different from ‘you follow me, I follow you back’ on social media. Twitter and FB are more about fun and social stuff. LI is a professional network!

2. I have been endorsed by people I’ve never met
I’m sounding more and more ungrateful as I go on amn’t I? :/
But it feels strange to get the thumbs up for a skill by folk I don’t really know. I know people can read the blogs and say they feel I’m good at writing, but there are cases where it’s not as simple as that.

3. I have at least one endorsement for a skill that I KNOW I am not good at
I won’t say which one, in case I cause the endorser (who is probably quite irked with me already!) any further pains. But a couple of times I’ve seen an endorsement and thought – ‘I’m rubbish at that.’

I think it was Rob Parsons of Care for the Family I heard say, something along the lines of, “Remember you’re not as great as you think you are, but you’re not as awful as you think you are either!” I think that’s a healthy attitude and one that is very much in line with Scripture.

Romans 12:3 says, “For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.”

I suppose I’m trying to balance taking a compliment and thinking of myself with ‘sober judgement’. And I can’t tell you why I’m more hung up on LinkedIn endorsements than I am on someone saying of FB or Tw, “Read her stuff, she’s great.”
In fact a few more of those would be nice 🙂

Maybe it’s because it IS a professional network that I’m more iffy about it. I’ve never had a career, just a series of jobs that I’ve loved to a greater or lesser degree. I’m not sure why I even joined LinkedIn to be honest.

Am I alone in this – would love your feedback.
You can be totally honest, say what you like, take me to task, disagree with me, admonish me for being so ungrateful – respond however you’d want; just  make sure to click that ‘like’ button below while you’re there… 😀

photo credit: clasesdeperiodismo via photopin cc