It’s International Women’s Day so…

Happy International Women’s Day to you all… including the men.
Hey! I’m not sexist! 🙂

I’ll be honest, I’m always a bit confused on days like this!

I am woman!Here me roar
I am woman! Here me roar
Photo by Amy Rushton

We’re all supposed to be the same aren’t we? (Oh and by the way I totally disagree with that). But the message I hear ‘out there…’ is ‘we’re all the same’. Women should be paid the same and we shouldn’t suggest that women physically weaker, worse drivers (but less likely to have an accident); or less able to control their emotions or their bladders!

Women should be treated ABSOLUTELY  the same – so let’s make a day – JUST for them!

eh… huh?

I love that I’m a women and I love to spend time with other women. I think we’re fabulous, precious, creative, strong and different. I love my propensity to emotion, my maternal instinct, the little flutter I get when a nice man holds the door open for me.

I don’t get the DAY!

So come on folks… help me understand. Why is it so important? What am I missing?