Has anybody seen my faith…?

A friend of mine is looking for faith in Ireland – can you help her?

Today VOX Magazine editor Ruth Garvey-Williams is heading off on a world tour of Ireland to find faith. If you are interested in faith in Ireland, I recommend you follow #FindingFaithIE over the next few days.

You can follow VOX on Twitter and Facebook and keep an eye on their website. Ruth will be updating regularly and would love to hear from people on the journey. So do get in touch if you have any ideas and/or suggestions. She may well take a detour down your way!

Ruth Faith in Ireland

It’s a joy and a privilege to be part of the VOX team and Ruth has bucket-loads of enthusiasm for this project; but she can’t do it on her own.
So if you’ve seen any faith out there let her know won’t you!? 🙂

P.S. No Nissan Micras were harmed in the making of the graphic above
erm… wishful thinking there Ruth 🙂 x