C is for Cypher

I thought I would wait until today to do ‘C’ as it’s Easter Sunday, and I love today’s word, which is ‘cypher’ or ‘cipher’. It means the same, which ever way you spell it.

Being a lover of spy films and programs, I see cyphers used at lot. Whole plotlines are sometimes built around a secret code that must be ‘de-ciphered’ to understand what is being said or what is going to happen. Dictionary.com defines cypher as, “a secret or disguised way of writing; a code.” I remember hearing someone say they believed the Bible was a cryptogram and if the right cypher could be found, then the origins of existence and the purpose and future of the universe would be solved.

After almost 27 years of being a Christian, a BTh and a PGDip in Applied Theology, I am still no expert. However I don’t believe the Bible’s message to be hidden in any code. The origins of the universe are right there in the first few pages. There are sections of the Bible I still don’t understand and some Biblical history is hard to accept, and don’t get me started on the many opinions on the Book of Revelation. But a lot of what God is trying to say to us through the Bible is clear. For eg. love God, love your neighbour, follow Jesus, you are loved – to mention just a few basic messages.

The other reason I left Cypher for today is that it’s other meaning is ‘zero’, nought, nothing, or empty. Just like the grave that Jesus was put into when he died. He is Risen. HALLELUJAH! 😀

See you tomorrow… A x