A Complimentary Nip/Tuck

You’ll notice a difference in the blog look. I thought it needed a bit of an overhaul! Really it’s an overhaul in lieu of the personal overhaul that I’m in need of. As Dolly Parton once said… “time marches on and soon you realise it’s marching right across your face.”

Now if someone compliments my hair I tend to look after it a bit better in the days after! Well the new look blog has been inspired by some compliments to it. Today I had a wonderful review of the blog and would like to share it with you if you don’t mind. I’m not so much boasting as… sharing my joy 🙂

I’m part of a great group of writer’s called ASMSG.  (Authors Social Media Support Group) One of the guys in the group said the most amazing things about my blog. I’m genuinely amazed, chuffed and actually shed a little tear – just to think it gave someone “a breath of fresh air”.

Thanks to Christopher Shields for his kind words.

A little about blogs. A couple days ago, an author friend asked the question: What do you want from a blog when you visit? I answered: Fresh Air. I love it when I go to a blog and am transported for a moment from the business of work, the crammed schedule of writing, editing, publishing, and promoting. If a blog turns all that off for a moment, and gives me something to laugh about, ponder, breathe for a moment, I love the experience. For those of you who haven’t visited her blog, Annmarie Miles’ blog does just that. I recently felt pretty bogged down, and needed a little departure from the business of writing (just an hour, maybe, was good), and wanted a breath of fresh air during it. I happened to go to her blog because I saw it here several times. And because of her charming face and fun expression, I thought I’d read what she most recently posted. I got my breath of fresh air! Her posts are funny, personal, endearing, and not about writing, which was the point of taking the break. I recommend that you all visit her blog and like/favor it, as it made my day when I did and I’m sure it will yours as well.

Christopher Shields is a member of ASMSG and is author of the Weald Fae Journals.

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